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Skincare philosophy by Model Winnie Harlow.

On her skincare philosophy.

I have a really strict skincare routine. I use Avene face lotion and water mist. And I wash my face with black soap from Shea Radiance, I literally don't use any other soap. They're this really great company—this is not sponsored, by the way—that sources all their stuff from Africa and makes sure the women [soap producers] are paid fairly. They sent me free products and obviously I get so many free products that I don't try them all. This is one that I tried and it's a cult favorite now. It's hard to find products that are good for the planet and your skin, but they have such a good background I don't mind talking about them, even for free. After I wash my face, I use tea tree oil mixed with water as a toner.

Model Winnie Harlow.


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