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About Me

I am Maria Luisa Henao. 

I am an Artist, gifted with the Purpose of evoking and enhancing Beauty in Humanity.

I am a Humanitarian and Businesswoman, with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to caring for and honouring all Beauty in Humanity, wherever my Passion for travel takes me, by connecting with and revealing the unique light that I see and feel in all things. 

My essence is Colombian, my soul is Canadian, my vibe is Dominican. 

My Muse and my Canvas always surrounds me, inspiring me and connecting with my Purpose, through faces and places along my creative journey.

I deeply enjoy my Practice, the Ritual, of making people feel and look Beautiful and Valued from within. 

My Practice is ever-evolving, and is increasingly enriched and broadened by growing numbers of Women, Men, and Children, with whom I have the pleasure of being engaged, and with whom I share my Gift. 

Together, we make Our moment in time Memorable, Fun, and Live it to the fullest… not only at their special life events and places, but in our cultivation of a new appreciation, and perspective, for everyday life going forward - and looking and feeling Amazing doing it. 

And for this I am eternally Thankful.

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Maria Luisa Henao (MLH), completed her undergraduate studies in Commerce/Concentration in Marketing at Concordia University, John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada, with Graduate work in Public Relations and Applied Communications at McGill University.

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