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Thimo Pimentel

Outstanding draftsman interested in the research and possibilities of various materials, he has worked with stone, plastic materials, glass, fabrics, metals and ceramics since 1968. With works in museums and private residences inside and outside the country, more than forty individual exhibitions and numerous collective exhibits that have been recognized nationally and internationally. 


Dermatologist Physician and University Professor has also excelled in the field of photography, photojournalism, journalism, tourism, diplomacy and sports. Enrolled at the Madrid School of Ceramics de la Moncloa, in Madrid, Spain (1986-1990) He is the creator of the International Triennial of Ceramic Tile (elit-tile), the most important world event of ceramic tile, which is based in The Dominican Republic, President of the Igneri Arte y Arqueología Foundation and Founder of the Museum of Contemporary Ceramics (MCC). Director Punta Cana Art Gallery and Punta Cana Art Center (2004) NATIONAL VISUAL ARTS AWARD 2016.

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